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Mandatory conditions  : solo traveler : 18 years old, Physical condition : Normal, 

Young child : only with a legal guardian.

Objective of the trip​ : During this trip we will see together all facets

from Japan.

  From the traditional part with the discovery of one of the oldest places of worship 

from Japan (Mt Koya) to the modern part with the night visit of the most

major shopping district of Kansai (Dotonbori).

The Black Taniki Inn (Guest House) aims to make you discover the following prefectures : Kansai, Kyôto, Nara, Wakayama, Hyōgo, with a French guide staff

in a state of mind where site visits and explanations (French/English)

  are more important than the speed of the places visited.

For more information, please contact this email address :

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