Day 1 (Osaka) Morning :  Pick up at Kix international airport and moving to Black Tanuki Inn

(Guest House) with Mathieu + Check in.

Afternoon :  Depart for Osaka Castle + taking individual transport cards +

Visit of Osaka-jo (Osaka Castle) + Osaka-jo koen (the gardens).

Day 2 (Nara) Morning :  Depart for Nara + visit Daibutsu-den (big Buddha) + Kasuga Taisha

(lanterns sanctuary).

Afternoon:   Nigastu-do (2nd month pavilion) + walk in the parks + Manyo Botanical Garden

(botanical park).

Day 3 (Himeji) Morning :  Depart for Himeji + visit Himeji-jo (Himeji Castle) + Himeji-jo Koen

(Castle gardens).

Afternoon :  Return to Osaka + visit of Dotonbori (the largest shopping avenue in Osaka) +

Japanese cuisine discovery by night.


Day 4 (Inari) Morning :  Depart for Inari + shopping + stroll.

Afternoon:  Discovery of Fushimi Inari Taisha (sanctuary of 10,000 doors).

Day 5 (Minoh) Morning :  Travel to Minoh no Taki (Minoh falls) + visits to the falls +

picnic in front of the large waterfall.

Afternoon :  Visit of the insect museum + return to Osaka + Visit to Yodobashi Camera (for shopping) +

pursuit of the Japanese cuisine discovery.

Day 6 (Kyoto) Morning:  Depart for Kyoto + visit of Nijo-jo (Castle of Nijo) + Kinkaku-ji (golden pavilion).

Afternoon:  Discovery of Nanzen-ji + stroll in the surrounding parks + visit of Kyoto station by night.

Day 7 (Mount Koya) Morning :  Depart for Mount Koya + visit of Koya-san area

(Oldest religious place in Japan).

Afternoon :  Stroll through the sanctuaries + visit to Danjo Garan (Secret Temple of the Shingon sect) + Konpon Daito

(Great Pagoda).

Day 8 (Ohara) Morning :  Depart for Ohara + visit of Sanzen In (moss garden).

Afternoon :   Shopping + dinner.

Day 9 (Kyoto suite) Morning : Depart for Kyoto + Gion visit (Oldest district of Kyoto).

Afternoon : Stroll through the craft districts + visit to the sanctuaries + Japanese restaurant.

Day 10 (leaving japan) Morning : Departure for Kansai airport with Mathieu (Kix).